Going into the Work Force


Emily Lukovic

Many seniors at Lakota West aren’t taking the stereotypical path of going to college. This is for a variety of reasons; school isn’t meant for them and the desire to try new experiences is the two most common ones. I took a moment to speak to a few students who entering fully into this adult life.


Kameron Robinson is planning on being a truck driver. He doesn’t have his truck license yet but plans on getting it after he graduates at West. He wants to be a truck driver because it’s an easy job with easy money. As a driving enthusiast, Kameron hates the current gas prices. Kameron is not attracted to trucks, but he feels as time progresses, he will find an attraction to them. He also will honk for kids, like any good driver. Many people think that Kameron should start a podcast because he is very funny. If he were to start a podcast it would be called Trucking With Kam. Kameron is specifically interested in semi- trucks. He has a friend that works in the trucking industry that really opened his eyes about this career. College wasn’t for him, and he believes that college isn’t necessary to be successful. 


Ashlynn Sapp is planning on going into photography. She found interest in this field from Ms. Kessler’s photography class. Later in Ashlynn’s career, she might eventually go to college for photography, but for now, she plans on trying photography for herself. 


Ben Vanzandt is going into cleaning fire and water biohazards. He will start out with about $20 an hour. This will be his starting job, as he wants to later go into furniture flipping. His cleaning biohazard career will be used as a gateway to bigger opportunities. 


Logan Webb is going into heating and cooling. He is excited about this job because he likes working with his hands and he will start out with about $45 an hour. Logan likes science and technology, making this the perfect job for him. 


Kirianna Dorgan is going to get her real estate license and work in the housing market. She has always been interested in houses and interior design. She also likes making money! After getting a solid start in the real estate industry, she plans on going to college and majoring in business so she can own her own brokerage. Her main inspirations for going into this field were having a real estate mentor, as well as being an avid fan of Selling Sunset on Netflix. 


Vince Brown is going into the mechanical field; specifically, he is going to be a car mechanic. He is going into this field because he enjoys puzzles and a good challenge. He is not really into school, and is excited to start his job!


These are just a handful of the people that are going straight into their careers, and not going to any type of college, trade school, or military program. For more information about the students who are going into these more traditional paths- read the West Press!