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Starbucks Spicy Drinks, EW!
Starbucks Spicy Drinks, EW!
May 9, 2024
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Senior Events To Look Forward To
May 9, 2024
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Should Prom Include ALL Main Campus Students?
May 3, 2024

Bucket List for the End of The Year


Summer is coming upon us, and the seniors are wanting to have a fantastic summer before starting the next chapter in their life. To help them make the most of these upcoming three months, some seniors now create bucket lists of things they want to accomplish before heading out to school.  As a sophomore, I was wondering what these young adults, so mature, look forward to doing?

Would it be going to the Keys and throwing a party? Would it be working really hard and saving up money for college? Would it be hitting the gym and getting their dream body before going to college so they can pull hot chicks?  Below is a short selection of bucket list items for the class of 2022.

1: “To date this girl”- Will.  I thought this was very cute. Will has had a crush on this girl for a while, and his goal is to make her his girlfriend. He is gonna get closer to her, and he hopes to have enough courage to ask her and she’ll say yes. 

2: ”Spend time with my family and do family things”- Because this senior girl will be going to college soon, she wants to make sure she gets to be with them as much as possible. 

3:” Go to Kings Island, water parks, and things I used to do in the summer when she was a kid”- She wants to relive memories and have fun. She wants to feel like a kid before becoming an adult. 

4:” Pick up a new hobby”- This anonymous person wants to go to college and feel/be a new person. One of the hobbies she wants to do is read more and start reading books. She wants to change herself and feel better about herself. She wants to begin this new chapter as a new person. The way she wants to achieve that is by obtaining a new hobby. 

5:” I want to date a really hot girl”- Landon, Since Landon’s ex-girlfriend broke up with him, he wants to date someone else. He wants to have fun this summer and get over his ex who broke his heart. 

6: “I wanna have a road trip with the boys.”- Anderson wants to make memories.

7:  “3 months in Hawaii, Heavenly Hawaiian. It is a Kona Coffee Farm, where there is a 3-month work and stays internship”- Maggie

8: “Going to the beach house with my friends “ -Julia, wants to spend time with her friends in a tropical place like Florida and she wants to make tons of memories with them before they begin their new lives. 

9: “Senior trip”- Jade is looking forward to going to Honduras with some friends, in part to visit family and in part to swim, snorkel, and hang on the beach.

10:” Go on vacation to Myrtle Beach with my friends”-Landon Duvall also wants to go on vacation and enjoy his remaining times with his friends so that he can make memories before going to college. 

11: “I wanna work over the summer so I can save up money for college”- Landon, Landon wants to continue his work at kings island as a cashier. He wants to save about $3,000 for college. He does not wanna be broke when he goes so he is trying to get his bank up. 

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