A Final Thank You


Maddie Arno

For my final article as a part of the West Press, I decided to take the opportunity to spread gratitude. I asked seniors to write letters to their favorite teacher and thank them. All the letters I received will be sent out to the addressed teachers from their writer. Here are some of my favorite letters:


Dear Mr. Treherne:  Hi!! I’m honestly writing this because I’m beyond grateful for your teaching and how amazing and optimistic you always are! Thank you for making me absolutely adore English (which I never did) and open a part of me that I didn’t know was there — which is reading! Your methods of teaching and how fun of a teacher you are really gave me a thought to be a teacher too, but that was quickly thrown out, it’s not for me… but it certainly is for you. It is very noticeable you love your job and hope your students pass which is amazing. I’ll never forget 4th bell senior year, not only because of the joy the class gave me, but because of your caring towards us all. Once again, thanks for everything and always understanding me 🙂 -Nathaliz Santiago


Dear Ms Mahoney: Thank you for pushing me to do well in your class and always being extremely positive. You made my sophomore year exciting, and your class was one of my favorite classes I’ve taken throughout my three years here. We had many projects that I still think about to this day including the video I made with Kendall, Sonia, and Kayla. You made reading Shakespeare fun, especially when we performed Macbeth in front of the class. Caden and I had a sword fight in front of the whole class with Star-wars music playing. During covid you were there for all of us even though we knew we weren’t going back for the rest of the year. Thank you for supporting me and continuing to support me throughout these few years. You’re one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! Sincerely, Tyler Zegar


Thank you Ms. Nikki for teaching me in AIP and helping me find a subject I really enjoy and want to continue with further in college. At the beginning of sophomore year, I did AIP because it related to sports and I didn’t know if I was going to like it or not. Now, it’s the end of senior year and I’m going to college for this subject. Everyday I was excited to go to class and learn. Thank you for showing me that school doesn’t have to be boring. Thank you again for leading me in this direction and helping and taking time to explain things. Thank you for the best three years! -Quinn Loughrie


Dear Mrs. Cirello:  My very first time in high school since my car accident, I have received the best support and experience I had in school. Mrs. Circello, you were the best teacher I have had. You helped me get through my sophomore year. I was not alone; When I would be tired in the morning and didn’t have any sleep you would let me inside early in the morning. You would always check up on me during class and help me get a better understanding of whatever assignment was due that day. You gave me confidence again, what would I do without you. You understood , lol, never complained and you made me feel comfortable.

 If anybody asks me what teacher to look for it would be you. Even when we were shut down for Covid and we had to do zoom calls, you would make so much fun out of them. You always made me want to learn more and more; my classmates were ready everytime it was time to join. We would come in with a story or just ready to learn from you. You’re like no other, you’re appreciated . Keep doing what you do best, always making kids feel safe, at home, comfortable in their own skin. — Ka’Niyla Smith


Dear Mr. Draper :I want to thank you for being my favorite teacher during my senior year. I know I only had your class for half the year, but your class affected me. Your class taught me the struggle of the real world and how hard it is to survive.  I feel that you told the truth to us even if it wasn’t always positive. You were the outside teacher, you didn’t follow the rules ,you didn’t care —  you just taught how you wanted to teach. 

I enjoyed every day listening to your crazy family stories and hearing about the struggles you and your family went through. Every day in your class was an adventure. We never knew what we were gonna do or what stories we were going to hear. 

I also feel that your class affected me the most because you taught me so much that I didn’t know before entering your class. I loved your class so much that after the semester was over, I tried to get into your next semester’s class. Still to this day, I use the things I learned from your class, I even listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio and bought two of his books because I was so inspired. I would have never known who Dave Ramsey was without you.  I wouldn’t know how to do taxes, learn the stock market, and that just starts the list of things I’ve learned from you. 

Even though I only had your class for half a year I feel that your class affected me the most out of any class I have ever taken. _Logan Rothan


Everyone always means to say thank you but they get caught up in end of the year projects and forget until its too late. As the school year finishes up, do not forget to take a second and thank that teacher who helped you get through the year.