Visiting Ohio State University


Ohio State University, sorry, THE Ohio State University is almost undoubtedly the most popular university in the state of Ohio. Featuring a wide array of majors, world-class teaching faculty and resources, and a pretty solid football program; the Ohio State University seemingly has it all. Despite this, I always regarded Ohio State as being just another university, a good university, but still for me, I just regarded it in the same light as Miami, Ohio University, Cincinnati, and other in-state universities. However, that all changed after I visited Columbus for a college tour.


Tour breakdown:

The tour was split into two segments. The first segment is a 45-minute PowerPoint-style presentation. This segment took place in a medium-sized conference room, with rows of seats for visitors to sit. The presentation presented stories of real Ohio State alumni, the flattering statistics of the university, as well as some of the more nitty-gritty financial and academic aspects of the program.

After the end of the presentation, the speaker introduced the large group to tour leaders. I’m unaware of the number of guides changes from session to session, but in my session, there were 6 tour guides. At this point, after the guides introduced themselves, the group split up into groups of around 12 to 20 at the max. Then, the guides take the groups on a 70-minute walking tour that took us through the Oval, an open-space recreational area in the center of Campus, the RPAC, the main recreation center on Campus, the Thompson Library, and finally, one of the student dorms. Throughout the entirety of the tour, guides talked about certain buildings, aspects of student life, and events on campus.



  • When you arrive in the presentation room, instead of having to awkwardly find somewhere to sit, Ohio State admission staff helped to organize the visitors and directed us to a seat
  • The presentation’s use of graphics and videos helped to keep it from becoming monotonous.
  • The breakdown of the larger group into smaller tour groups helped create a much more personal experience. 
  • Throughout the tour, our guide talked about many of the “inside jokes” and traditions that take place on campus. Ex. Ohio State is NOT a football school; it’s a synchronized swimming school


  • The campus is in Columbus, which isn’t exactly known to be the safest city.
  • For some people, the large size of the student population may be deterring.
  • Because of the large size of the campus, there are many places of interest that the tour is unable to cover.



My main takeaway from the visit was that the idea of going to college doesn’t have to be scary, but rather exciting. If you have any interest in going to college after high school or don’t have any idea what you want to do. Schedule a college visit, it’ll at least give you some sort of idea of what you might want. And if not, well at least you’ll get to miss school.