Fun Facts About Mr. Phillips


Emily Lukovic

Mr. Phillips, the Honors Algebra 2, Pre-calc, and BC calculus teacher, has had a fun 55 years of  life!  He majored in math and education because he loves solving problems and taking on a good challenge. He brings this passion in the classroom as I, one of his students,  am challenged everyday. But there is more to Mr. Phillips than just math facts.


Mr. Phillips is a busy man! Some of his favorite hobbies include playing and coaching golf, traveling, and reading. His favorite book is surprisingly not a math textbook; it is Timeline by Michael Crichton. Mr. Phillips loves going on trips to Costco, and he enjoys buying their salsa and trail mix. He also loves eating all the Costco samples. Unfortunately for Costco Corporate, Mr. Phillips is not an exclusive member anymore- just a gold star member. Also, every now and then, Mr. Phillips will hit up the casinos, but unlike the associate sports specialist for the West Press, he is not an addict. 


Mr. Phillips is a bit of a car guy. His first car was a 1976 Camaro. He also loves the stock market. He currently owns Intellilink and SoFi. He told the West Press that he is not yet a millionaire, but we don’t doubt that it will happen very soon. 


His favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark that came out in 1981. Mr. Phillips liked the 80s! He describes the 80s as a time where a lot of good music was in style, as well as a time where people had big puffy hair. Mr. Phillips’ hair is gray. I love gray! 


However, life as little Paul Phillips was tough. His parents always worked, and he was a latchkey kid. But he found joy playing sports as a kid, specifically baseball.


I feel blessed that I was able to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down and have an interview with an almost celebrity at Lakota West. His intellect and math skills bring challenges to this school. The West Press is a big fan of Paul!