Freshman Basement: Haunted or Hoax?


Emily Lukovic

Rumors about the West Freshman basement being haunted have been circulating since the building first opened. Many teachers, who were former students of West, recount creepy vibes throughout the basement. Students will often sneak in the basement looking for paranormal activity. What’s really going on? 


When the building first opened, the basement was used as extra classrooms for the school. But recently, many of the classrooms were converted into a space for students with learning disabilities to detach from the normally over stimulating part of the school. However, most of the basement is currently being used as a storage facility for the district. Any extra supplies from anywhere in Lakota will be sent here, causing the basement to look eerily disorganized and cluttered. This is most likely why many students find the basement intimidating and scary.


The few teachers that do teach in the basement do not account for seeing anything creepy or possibly haunting, and they prefer working in the basement, as it is a chill environment compared to the rest of the school. The teachers, as well as Mr. Laman, the associate principal, stated that they have only heard silly rumors about the basement. Students often ask if there is a pool in the basement, which the West Press did not see. This well known rumor was started by Mr. Cronk, according to different teachers. 


Most of the staff was convinced that the gossip about the Freshman building was all nonsense. But full time teacher, and part time superhero, Mr. Jewel, who has been teaching at the Freshman building for many years, had something else to say. He recounted the story of a former custodian who worked at the Freshman building. When this custodian was cleaning the basement one day, they allegedly saw the ghost of a little girl. The other custodians nonchalantly told this worker that they often see the little girl in the basement. The worker quit soon after. 


While I was touring the basement’s storage area we passed by a barbed wire cage. We were told not to take pictures of the cage to prevent more negative rumors from being spread. What that cage was for will remain a mystery. Left over DT?  In-school suspension?  Overall, Mr. Laman wanted to crush the rumors about the Freshman building. He made it clear that he did not want the basement to be portrayed as a dangerous place in the West Press. All the paranormal activity that has been recorded is alleged. Nothing has been confirmed, so for now, the basement’s tales will remain a rumor.