Fun Facts about Mr. Moody

Fun Facts about Mr. Moody

Emily Lukovic

We are all aware of the infamous chemistry teacher known as Mr. Moody. He is well admired,and known for his witty math skills and quick ability to recite the periodic table. But what else is there in his life? What goes on after school? I was given the special opportunity to sit down with Mr. Moody, and talk with him about his hobbies, goals, Starbucks order, and more! Here is a rundown on all of the interesting facts about Mr. Moody:


Despite his raving soda addiction, Mr. Moody occasionally enjoys a nice medium caramel macchiato from Starbucks. He will perhaps drink it, along with his favorite food, pasta. His hidden talents are identifying smells and being a boss at annogramming words. His biggest fear is losing his loved ones. In fact, he would rather have endless love than endless money. 


Do you like driving? Well Mr. Moody doesn’t. He isn’t very good at it, maybe because he has been in multiple car crashes (although not all have been his fault). Some of his favorite hobbies include playing chess, listening to music, and jogging. His current heroes are South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. But, his childhood hero is professional baseball player, George Brett. Mr. Moody describes his fashion sense as “lazy with intense shoe game.” His dream vacation would have to be a relaxing staycation. His favorite Bath and Body Works scent is Warm Vanilla Sugar. His favorite color is a nice shade of royal blue. 


While interviewing Mr. Moody, I received a glimpse of the inspiring and educational atmosphere he provided in his classroom. I was able to interview four of his best students who claimed that Mr. Moody was “the best teacher [they’ve] ever had,” and that he provides them with engaging lessons, as well “water and candy,” like any good teacher. They did, however, provide the West Press with constructive criticism about Mr. Moody, as he is “too dorky.” These top students’ favorite hobbies were reading, eating Chick Fil A, and Arabic food. One of these students had an irrational fear of crashing in a plane onto water. We at the West Press hope this doesn’t happen! 


Overall, the students and staff at Lakota are extremely grateful to have Mr. Moody as a teacher. When he was asked the question “What do you do to contribute to a better society,” he responded saying that he believes that his “teaching makes a positive difference.” Based on my experience as a student at West, I can attest that this statement is not only true, but an understatement from all of the value that he as a person provides.