Lakota West’s Most Stylish


Sophie Diouf

Among the thousands of students walking the halls at West, there are a handful of faculty and students who put in the work when crafting their outfits. Even with everyone rushing to their next class after the bell, these individuals easily catch the eye with their outfit. 


Ms.Day is no rookie when it comes to dressing up each day. She never fails to have a unique outfit  — whether it’s to express how she feels or to just have fun. If anyone thinks that Ms.Day fits the stereotype of how English teachers dress, they are completely wrong. She describes her style as “eclectic.” Her love for nature and Stevie Nicks inspire her vibrant outfits.  As she noted, “I make fashion statements with exclamation marks, not periods.” For Ms. Day, loose comfortable outfits are a must. While loose and baggy clothing may mean sweatpants in the world we currently live in, Mrs.Day believes that there should always be some effort put in. Her style is fun and is never the same. On the day of the interview, she rocked a bold blue mascara that paired well with her orange sweater dress and cheetah print shoes. She has always been a rebel that doesn’t follow the fashion standards put in place. A simple black dress is her go-to piece that can always be accessorized. How she feels when wearing clothes is important to her, not what is in trend. “I’m at the age where I don’t need to be so trendy.”

Jasmine Walker 

Jasmine believes that fashion and putting together outfits for each day create the whole mood for her day. “I look how I act.”  She dresses to express her personality and feel good. Her current hairstyle is box braids with ombre orange and a light yellow color that matches her charismatic personality. Platform shoes and black hoops are always a must with Jasmine. When we met she wore a jean jacket on top of a black tee, a butterfly print skirt, and black platform boots. Her square-framed glasses, chain, and black hoops made the look stand out even more. Jasmine is a simple perso;, if she sees an outfit on Instagram or pieces of clothing she likes, she will wear it. There isn’t one certain aesthetic that she fits in — each day brings something new. “Sometimes I look like a substitute teacher, sometimes I’ll look like every parent’s worst nightmare!”

Lee McCoy

According to Lee, his style is a mix of 90s fashion and current trends. He wore light-washed denim jeans, a collared tee under a blue cardigan, topped with  a  pearl necklace. The iconic Converse 70’s Chuck Taylors were added to complete the outfit.  which is no surprise since the cycle of old trends becoming popular again still exists.  According to Lee, “Lately I’ve been obsessed with sweater vests.’ Adding a vest on a tee or collared shirt creates a whole new outfit. It’s simple and will always be a classic. With vests becoming popular last yea,r they are bound to go out of style with all the macro-trends we have. Even if they go out of style Lee vows to continue wearing them. Pinterest is Lee’s source of inspiration for his five day school week. 

Sophia de Kaldas

Being unique and having her own style is an important part when it comes to Sophia’s style.  She notes that  “I like that it makes me different.” Like fashion does for many people, Sophia said that fashion lets her express herself. There is never a dull or boring outfit. During the interview, she had on simple white sneakers that she transformed into a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes. She enjoys a little bit of everything including skirts, tights, and baggy pieces. Like many other fashion enthusiasts, she believes that baggy pants should be worn with tighter shirts to create a silhouette. Her inspiration comes from the numerous different styles seen in the halls. She dresses how she wants to without blending in with the rest of the crowd.