Mental Health Education


Jade Rivera

Everyone knows that mental health is at an all time low, and students here at West have stated how the school is not doing enough to help.  However, according to Mr. Brown, help is on the way.

Things have been tough for students, particularly since the pandemic.  Some cases are certainly more severe than others, but do we really have enough resources to take on all mental illnesses? The truth is that our teachers do not have the proper training to help students push through bad days. Yes, we do have counselors, but we need to scan a barcode and wait for the next appointment in the future, and anything can happen in the days leading up to a much-needed appointment. We also have a representative from Children’s Hospital for students to talk about more serious and long-term issues. The only problem is the waitlist. Some people have to wait months just for their first appointment, and also need a parental consent meeting. In just one week, any student is capable of cracking under the pressure of whatever stressors may be apparent in their life. A lot of teenagers don’t know how to cope with certain situations, so help is definitely needed. 

Fortunately, according to Mr. Brown, one of the Children’s Hospital therapists who was out on maternity leave is back, so wait times are dropping.

Additionally, West is working to bring awareness to the mental health situation.  The Hope Squad is working on a workshop to discuss certain topics with middle schools in the district. In the next year, Hope Squad is going to be offered as a semester elective. The good thing is that there are hopes for bringing awareness, and it’s good to know that the teachers and staff are aware of the challenges that many of us are facing.