Odell Barkham


Tyeler Mitchell

Here at Lakota West, one of our student’s furry friends will be in this year’s Puppy Bowl.

Myra Kelly was fortunate enough to adopt a beagle/chow chow mix from the Animal Friends Humane Society . His name is Bowser. When Myra first adopted her furry best friend, she was informed that she was not allowed to bring him home, because he was training for his big event.

This big event was the annual Puppy Bowl, which takes place on the Discovery Channel before the actual NFL Superbowl.  The puppy bowl is for dogs that are up for adoption, and in need of safe, loving homes. Myra says her family got lucky in choosing a dog already a part of it. 


In the competition, Bowser will go by the name Odell Barkham. 


A twist for us not so furry friends- we can go online and vote for our favorite puppy and watch them advance to the event where they announce the winner. To help support Myra and Odell Barkham on their exciting journey, you can follow this link to vote for him watch him advance on