No-Fries Tuesday: What’s the deal?


Olivia Eldridge

All around Lakota West, we keep hearing the new phrase “No Fry Tuesday.”  Obviously, now french fries are absent from our lunch lines on Tuesday, and a ton of students are mad about it!  The rumor is that there is a supply-chain shortage of french fries, so we have to cut back one day a week.  But this is not the truth — it really comes down to health.

According to Dina Schafer, who runs the lunchroom here,  “Tuesday’s we are offering the Famous Mash Potato Bowl! This dish is very labor-intensive and a successful dish! I think the record is 333 bowls have been sold in one day!”

Potatoes are considered a vegetable and USDA guidelines do not state that we have to serve fries just a vegetable. According to Schafer, “Fries are an extra vegetable and technically we do not have to serve the fries daily. At the high school level we do serve them daily [while] other districts do not offer fries.”

But, a few years ago, in order to reduce the number of fried foods served and make lunch healthy. We eliminated fries on Tuesday.

So there you have it — Lakota West is not required to serve the fries daily, and it is much healthier. They don’t want us to starve. They simply are trying to be healthier!