Future Electives


Jade Rivera

Future Electives

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a class where students can play Rock N’ Roll music?! What about a cosmetology class, or even an E-gaming class?! These are just a few ideas that Mr.Brown and other students have in mind for future electives here at Lakota West.

Lakota already has a good variety of electives, such as art classes that include ceramics, metals, drawing, etc. What about students who don’t have an interest in these fields? What would they like to add? I asked a few students and teachers around the school what they would like to see in the future. Those interviewed had ideas such as fashion designing, Home Ec, and workshop classes for electives.

 Not everyone has an interest in the academic field. A lot of girls gave me their opinion on adding fashion designing and even makeup or cosmetology. They feel like it would give them a bigger opportunity to expand their knowledge in this profession. A lot of these girls are passionate about designing their own style. To them, it’s a form of expression. To them, it’s their form of art. 

Another idea given to me was Home Ec. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to knit or other homemaking life skills?! Home Ec used to be a very popular elective in past years for girls, but now people of all genders want it back. They want to learn basic life skills that some people don’t have the chance to learn because they’re too busy with school or work, or because their parents don’t have time to teach them. 

E-gaming is a subject that’s becoming very popular in this generation. Mr. Brown said this would be an elective that he would love to see in the future as it’s becoming more and more popular. We also know that we have a band and a choir at our school. What about a Rock N’ Roll band? This is something unique that could really interest some students. Let’s expand on the music genre and bring Rock N’ Roll to our school! 

What about an expansion in the STEM fields? We do have certain STEM electives, but what if we expand them? What about a robotics team!

Another idea was an elective where students could learn more in-depth about the history and culture of different countries. What do you think about this? Should we expand more on our elective choices in the school district?