New Student Government Adviser


Samantha George

Spirit weeks, food drives, and fundraising are all part of the Student Government Association. However, Ms. Miller, the adviser who ran SGA for a long time, has now left the school.  Ms. Miller’s big involvement in SGA means the club will need a new advisor ready to take on a big role, but the question still remains about who it will be.

Ms. Bella, our vice principal, is subbing in as a temporary advisor for SGA. The administration is still trying to figure out which teacher would be willing to take on the advisor role for the club. They are not sure how long it will take to get a full-time advisor, so for now, there is limited help given to the students in SGA. To see what that means for the club’s leadership, we interviewed the club president, Gwyneth Barholtz. 


Gwyneth explained that although they will “miss [Ms. Miller] and her guidance for years to come,” the transition of responsibilities has been “pretty smooth.” Fortunately for SGA, the leadership board has a lot of experience planning and executing these events. Their experience means that even without the help of Ms. Miller, SGA has still been successful in bringing in “thousands of cans for our Canned Food drive, providing money for Christmas gifts,”, and other fundraisers. 


However, some of the larger events that SGA plans might be on hold, because without the knowledge and guidance of Ms. Miller, it may be harder to plan. Nevertheless, Gwyneth and the leadership of SGA will continue to give their best to the club.


SGA is still going strong and one of their upcoming events is the Blood Drive for Hoxworth Blood Center.  We are also looking forward to new events like Valentine’s Spirit Week and Community Service Week. It seems that even without Ms. Miller, SGA is continuing to help out the Lakota West Community as best as they can.