Film Review: Spiderman No Way Home


Hannah Gebert

The tenth Spiderman to date, Spiderman: No Way Home, is a hit, both in the box office and the bullseye of our hearts. The movie features talents such as Tom Holland (well… no s+*^), Tobey Miguire, Andrew Garfield, Williem (yes, it is spelled like that) Defoe, Jennifer Lee, and many more. Jon Watts, the director of Spiderman: No Way Home, doesn’t have a stellar track record, but he did direct the previous two Tom Holland Spidermana, and Fantastic Beasts which were well received by audiences. Fortunately, Marvel movies don’t usually disappoint, no matter who is directing. 


Sitting silently in the theater, the Marvel opening begins to play over J. Jona Jameson revealing Spiderman’s identity. As the opening snaps out of view, the fast pace takes over, which seems overwhelming but not rushed. Peter escapes the crowd, taking MJ back with him to his apartment, for us to find that May and Happy are having issues of their own.  While Peter deals with his new dilemmas, the transitions hop from one thing to another like Crossy Road. Despite the chaos, the writing of this movie is firm. The more impressive aspects of the movie were the acting, character dynamics, and development. With great characters, the cliches of the movie felt like I was seeing them for the first time and the emotions resonated deeper than in most action titles.  With the fast pace and packed plot, technical work can also make a difference.


The technical side of Spiderman: No Way Home is not stunning. The video quality of the movie lacked in some scenes, while painstakingly clear in others. With all the action and CGI, I can understand struggling to perfect some more difficult scenes but the video quality and CGI still could have been  improved. The camera angles were consistent, instead of adding to the madness. The music was well done, notably at the end and the sound design was flawless. The sound design was sensitive enough to pick up all the gravel in some of the characters voices, and had features that changed based on perspective. 


Spiderman: No Way Home is a great movie, it’s exciting in ways that other action movies aren’t, but it’s not the best Superhero movie to date. That being said, any Marvel fan or nerd in general would melt over this movie.