The Balance Between Success and Creativity


Sophie Diouf

Being successful can stop a person’s creative flow. This is because unique ideas are often sacrificed for validation from the public. For example, when we do things a certain way because it works best or we’ve gotten lots of praise from it, we stop venturing out and trying new things. With creativity, there should be no guidelines, rules, or pressure, there should be no one pushing you to create or learn new things. It isn’t a win or lose situation, it is simply being able to express yourself without following what everyone else is doing. There isn’t any room to evolve and get better at your skills. 

We are only human and can only give our best effort when creating things. Being pushed to put out stuff and create new things does absolutely nothing but burn out the person. When creating things like art, fashion, or music– the activity should be something that you want to do. This doesn’t only happen in the arts, it happens in school, sports, and jobs. And this can be hard because sometimes we feel like we have to keep being the best and get acknowledged for something that we created or put out.

  If your creativity starts to depend on other people’s opinions, then we can often find ourselves in a situation where we believe that this is the end and that you’ve reached your peak. If this ever happens the most important thing to do is to not give up and keep in mind that you are creating something that you enjoy not what everyone else enjoys. 

Success should be the last thing to worry about when creating or doing whatever you enjoy. This doesn’t mean that no one should find success though, you can have both and still be able to thrive in what you are doing but there is a difference between the two and it needs to be acknowledged.