Film Review: The Ghosts in the Back of our Heads


Justin Wilson

Ghouls and goblins, monsters and maniacs, witches and werewolves, skeletons, and Steelers fans. The season of terror is upon us. However, for most of us teenagers, the horrors that truly keep us awake at night are not the movie villains and campfire stories of Dracula, The Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween. No, what really makes us lie in bed with our eyes widened are the moments of pure awfulness. Remember last weekend when you went out to eat? And then when the waiter said “Enjoy your food” you replied, “You too”. Truly spine-chilling. Or even worse, when you fell up the stairs walking to class in front of everybody. Terrifying.

Following is a collection of short horror stories for your entertainment.


The Phone Call

And as always when I hung up with “Bye, love you.”. Thankfully, I had paid for the pizza online. 


I was confused why the class was staring at me since I was just listening to music with my AirPods. Then I realized my Bluetooth was off.

Over One

It made me really mad that someone had parked in my spot at the end of the day. Then I saw my car parked in the spot next to it.

Wrong One

It was weird seeing a boy’s bathroom with no urinals. Then I realized there was a reason it had no urinals.


I followed my crush on Instagram today and liked their most recent post. I didn’t realize it was from 2019.

Elementary school

With all my homework done and nothing to worry about, I lay in bed ready to go to sleep. Then I remembered that thing I said in 5th grade.