Theatre Review: 39 Steps


Sophie Diouf

Students of the Lakota West Theatre put on the British espionage story The 39 Steps. Students rehearsed for weeks to put on such an amazing show, those who missed the show really missed out on a suspenseful and funny show.

Image.jpegPeter Bramble, played Richard Hanney the main character who planned on having a relaxing vacation in London but was faced with a dangerous spy organization and being framed for murder. The show had many twists and turns, there was not one dull moment while watching.  Rather than watching a typical high school play, it felt like watching a movie. The 39 Steps was originally a book written by John Buchan, eventually adapted into a play and even a movie. Even if action is your go-to genre this play has a little bit of everything. Morgan Halstead’s role as Mary played Richard’s love interest with the stereotypical enemies to lover’s romantic trope. Both of them were able to execute their roles perfectly while keeping the crowd engaged. 

Image.jpegI liked how there was so much detail put into every part of the play from the police chase, to the motel where Richard and Mary stayed in. Everyone involved in the play put in their best effort for the performances. Many people turned out for all three shows to watch the cast show their talents.