Imagine walking into school, starting off your day relaxed and ready knowing that you have no unfinished work from the previous day. Then, one of your friends asks about the Spanish project or the geometry test. And suddenly you remember that when your teacher said: “On Friday.” They meant this week. At this point: you have a few options: (a) Cry in the hallway (b) Cry in the bathroom (c) Fake being sick and (d) Beg your mom and dad


While you might think just not showing up to the class and getting an unexcused tardy is okay, there’s a better way to do it. The way I have done it before is that when I first wake up in the morning I tell my parents I’m feeling sick but I still go to school. They have the idea in their head that I’m not feeling great, so when I ask them to pick me up, they just think that it’s getting worse. Depending on how strict your parents are, you have a chance of leaving school. 


Another way is that you just be honest and tell them that you didn’t finish the project. They obviously don’t want to see a zero in the grade book so who knows, perhaps they’ll let you stay home to work on it. 


Lastly, if all else fails, just go to the nurse and try to stay there as long as you can.


Most students complete homework before it is due but if you were crazy busy one day and didn’t have time to do the work, you might want to do one of these. Just don’t overuse these because it will become obvious what you are doing to your teacher and your family.