Debate and Philosophy


Emily Lukovic

When: November 11th after school

Where: Rm 115

Adviser: Mr. Burns


Lakota’s Philosophy and Debate club is a student-run organization where students can take communication and critical thinking skills to the next level. It’s a club where one can appreciate the value that literature has in our society. In this club, members read a piece of philosophical literature (whether that be essays, books, articles, etc) and then discuss that piece. This discussion includes giving an analysis on the points the author makes and debating with the other members on what the “correct” philosophy is in a given situation. These debates will be in a Socratic seminar style where open-ended questions will be asked about the text. The purpose of this club is to exercise students’ critical thinking skills and give them a deeper understanding of society. The leaders/ presidents of this club are Carmen Anderson, Lincoln Gully, Emily Lukovic, and  Zahra Wasanwala. The first meeting of this club is on November 11th after school in Mr. Burns’s room (room 115).