Halloween Makeup


Jade Rivera

As many of you know, Halloween is right around the corner. Make-up can really make a costume, and there are many trends and ideas this year. Whether it’s a scary IT clown or an Avengers theme, there are many ways you can transform your face into the character of your desire. For example, something I have seen much of this year is superhero vs. villain — it is even part of Lakota West’s own spirit week. While some of these make-up patterns may be extremely hard to do, there are still many techniques you can follow to make it your own. 


While a full face of makeup takes time and patience, if you’re one who likes to keep things simple, but extravagant, there are many things you can do with eyeshadow art to make it look complex, while not having to spend much time on it. Makeup is all about taking risks. Sometimes things can get messed up, but it can all be fixed. Sometimes messing up can lead to a better idea of your own.


Some examples of superheroes and villains you can do are Godzilla vs. Kong, Cat Woman vs. Harley Quinn, Batman and the Joker, and Avengers vs. Thanos. Harley Quinn might be one of the simplest makeup types you can do for villains. Harley Quinn’s initial makeup look is the blue and pinkish red eyeshadow with the smudged red lipstick. Her makeup is supposed to have a “messed up” look. The heart and the word Rotten across her cheek is what distinguishs her makeup from other villains.


Halloween makeup isn’t only for girls. There are many makeup looks guys can do too. The Joker is one of the most used villain makeups I’ve seen across the internet, along with Harley Quinn. The Joker also has a messed-up look like Harley Quinn. He has his face painted all white with an imperfect red smile across his face with a blue rhombus outlining his eyes. His makeup may seem difficult to do, but once you try it, you’ll see that it’s all about taking risks and going with the flow. 


Catwoman’s makeup is one that can be both simple or complex. For Catwoman, you can do a full face of makeup with very detailed marks or you can do something simple such as a cat look eyeliner or a mask outlining the center of her face with the inside painted black. The most important thing I can tell you about all of these makeup looks is to have fun. If you mess up, clean it up and keep going. It’s all about enjoying the process.


Some great Pinterest sites and YouTube sites can provide step-by-step tutorials to get the look you want, with ease.