Spirit Week


Tyeler Mitchell

The Lakota West student body didn’t wait for Student Government, administrators, or teachers to plan a Spirit Day!  They took it upon themselves to create their own during the first week of the second quarter.


Of course, we didn’t have school Monday, leaving everyone 4 days this week to dress up in all sorts of categories —  ending the week with our senior night at the West vs East game, where our West family gathered together to support another good year in football! 


Throwback Tuesday aka 2000’s day! We had a lot of people participate as most of the school was excited for this day. Baggy clothes, boom boxes on the shoulder, handkerchiefs, and big jerseys filled our halls as we experienced what it would be like to dress up in the 2000s


As we moved through the week, Wednesday was not as big of a success. Twin Day is a day that is often thrown into a normal spirit week. Nonetheless, twins were spotted in the halls bringing friendships closer in the process. 


Thursday was an interesting one. There were a few different options. Frat boy day or Bring anything other than a backpack. Unfortunately, some of the student body’s ideas got shot down as we have to keep things appropriate for school, but that didn’t stop us from being creative and finding a way around it. One senior, for example, brought a little toy wagon to carry his ideas in.


Ending the week with an exciting event between East and West. We have West pride to celebrate our final football game with our seniors. Friendly smiles behind our masks, matching our red and white and black spirit colors.


Let’s help route on our team and take the win leading us to another successful season, ladies and gentlemen.