Volley For The Cure: Backstage


Elise Klint

The Lakota West Girls Volleyball team defeated Hamilton High School on Tuesday night, September 14, during our 15th annual Volley for the Cure event. The event raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Not only are there several volleyball matches to watch, but the event also honors those who have lost their battles to breast cancer. 

On the night of the event, one attending has several options to choose from for entertainment. Between matches, ASL III students perform the National Anthem prior to the start of the varsity match, the Lakota West Dance team performs, there are student raffles and games, and most importantly, and the volleyball players walk breast cancer survivors across the gym to celebrate their fight and victory against cancer. There is a survivor’s dinner for them the night of the event as well. The night is certainly a fun one, but is also quite emotional for many, as some remember their loved ones who sadly lost their battle to breast cancer. 

For the players and coaches, however, the night can be a stressful one. Most people don’t know it, but the planning of Volley for the Cure starts way back in the summer months before the event occurs. Four-year varsity starter and team captain, Katie Schwarber, said that “we kind of all are always doing something to make Volley for the Cure a successful event so seeing it all come together the day of is super cool.” On the day of the event, the gym is decorated with pink ribbons and streamers. Additionally, the players get to wear special pink jerseys for the game, just for this one night every year. 

There is a ton of work that goes into the successful event on the player’s end, but it’s also a quite fun and memorable night as well, according to Schwarber. “The players love to have fun during Volley for the Cure and honestly, having everyone there kind of hypes us up to play,” Katie noted. When it finally comes time to play after all of the planning and running around, the team gets together right before the match commences. “We go into the locker room and listen to music and kind of take a minute to breathe and visualize,” Schwarber added, regarding their pre-warm-up routine. 

Volley for the Cure is an annual huge success, which is the reason the volleyball program is able to put it on every year. The event averages about 700 fans and raises close to $20,000 every year, which is donated directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Every single parent, student, teacher, and fan who bought a t-shirt, or donated in some other way, helps make all the difference in raising money for research and finding a cure. As Schwarber notes, “Being able to celebrate their fight is super special.”

Thank you to the players, coaches, staff, and volunteers who made this event successful!