AP Exam Season


Maddie Arno

As the clock ticks down towards the end of the school year, AP teachers and students are getting ready for what they have been working up to all year: AP exams. On Monday, May 3rd, the two-week stretch of AP testing will begin. Teachers have spent all year preparing students for this end-of-year test. However, since AP exams were online last year, many students do not know what to expect. 

The AP tests are designed to measure how much a student has learned in their class. It also assesses whether you know enough to be able to test out of taking that course in college. AP tests ensure that the students have properly absorbed the material and deserve the credit. Having a good score on an AP test for a certain class can help a student place out of introductory classes and even earn credit for them. They are very helpful in freeing up room on your college schedule to be able to take more classes that better suit your major.

The grading scale for AP tests is very different from any in-school test. You can earn a score of 1-5. If you score a 1 or a 2, you will probably not be qualified to receive credit because the test shows that you have not absorbed the material appropriately. If you score a 3, there is a good chance you will qualify for the credit, usually about 3 credit hours. If you score a 4 or 5, you will most likely earn full credit. Whether you earn college credit for your score or not depends on how difficult the class/test was and also, the school you are going to, or what you are majoring in. Every college has a specific chart of score requirements for each class and how much credit you get for your score. For example, if you go to Miami University and you scored a 3 on your AP Chemistry exam, you can opt-out of 2 introductory chemistry classes. The amount of credit you get can vary but overall, a 3 or higher on the AP test is a good score because it means you passed the exam.

The AP test this year is being offered online and in person.  However, the deadline to sign up for the online test has passed. If you did sign up to take the at-home tests, they are in late May and early June. For those who are taking the first, in-person administration, you have about two weeks to prepare. The exam schedule is posted on the College Board website. Good Luck!