Teacher Feature: Mrs. Gorley 


Cole Cronk

In this month’s teacher spotlight, Mrs. Gorley highlighted why she became a teacher and what made her choose to teach, “This has been a dream of mine since I was a young child, I enjoyed tutoring my friends, because the math didn’t come easy to them, and it was extremely rewarding to help them.” Most importantly, the reason that she chose to teach is that, and with much emphasis, she LOVES helping others. She says that it is such a joy spending her day with all of us [students] and as a teacher, she is constantly learning from us.

While in high school here at Lakota West, she was a part of the dance team and was nominated as a team captain. While being a captain, she loved the opportunity to mentor the younger dancers and eventually chose to coach at her alma mater, Lakota West.

In her free time, she enjoys crafting, circuiting, taking her dog, Shadow, on walks, and hanging out with her sister and friends. Her dog is a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd that is extremely intelligent and very cute.

In the time of the pandemic, Mrs. Gorley has learned to adapt and grow as a teacher. While many teachers decided to take the easy way out and lessen the education that is being taught, Mrs. Gorley took the time to record every lesson plan for the entire year and show that this global pandemic can’t slow her down. While the seniors at Lakota West have lost a lot of their fun senior year activities, she has included fun quarterly activities to reward hard-working students and always has a smile on her face, no matter the day. The students of Lakota West are extremely thankful for all of her hard work, and once more, we congratulate Mrs. Gorley on winning the Lakota West Press Teacher of the month.