Theatre Review: Newsies


Jacob Foley

The long-awaited spring Broadway musical, Newsies, has finally taken the stage at Lakota West Theatre. And, after long preparation from all the performers, the show turned out to be a huge success, selling out every single show. If you weren’t able to be there, you missed out. 

The performance, based on the real Newsies strike of 1899, was very well performed by each of the starring cast members. Ethan Kutcha, who played Jack Kelly (the protagonist of the show) was impressive with his deep immersion into his character. On many occasions, he made it seem that you weren’t even watching a show, rather you were watching an actual interaction with an angry crowd of newsies or a confrontational moment with Joseph Pulitzer. Hailey Smith, playing Katherine Pultizer, the daughter of Joseph Pultizer, also stood out with her incredible singing performances that really captured the audience’s attention. She, too, was very immersed in her character, and the combination of her and Ethan’s engrossing performance brought emotion and the overall performance to life. 

I was very impressed with how organized the show was. Director Kim Eldridge did a terrific job organizing this performance; it seems like a school performance, but rather a  professional one. I was also blown away by the dancing, the synchronization was on point and just very enjoyable to watch. The dancing performance I enjoyed most was when the newsies came out and started tap dancing in one of the scenes.  The sound of the shoes hitting the stage floor just brought excitement to the audience and to me. 

Overall, this performance was extraordinary. Also, honorary mentions to everyone that was involved in producing what you could almost call a masterpiece. Terrific job by the Lakota West Theatre.