Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars

Colin Harrington

One of the most anticipated times of the year for students is the start of spring, not just for sports or good weather, but for Nerf wars. Nerf wars are one of the biggest events of the year; almost all juniors and seniors want to play. 

Who is in charge of nerf wars? The administrators this year include four seniors, but the main admin is Kiyan Shariff. He laid out this year’s rules for us.

Starting off, all teams of five must pay 25 dollars and come up with a goofy name by Friday, March 26. Then, each team of five will get paired up against another team of five in the opposite grade. So if a team of five seniors boys is playing they will get paired up to play against a team of five junior girls. Senior girls are then paired against junior boys.

In Nerf Wars, a player eliminates a player of the other team by hitting them with a nerf dart.  The team that advances up the bracket is the team with the most players at the end of a week period.  But there are some serious matters to keep in mind.  When players run around West Chester, they have to be careful of where they go.  A player is not allowed to step on school property while playing the game;  not only can they get in trouble with the school but they will get in DQ’d from nerf wars. This year players are only allowed to use nerf darts so there will be no using nerf balls or nerf disks. The only way you can’t shoot other players is if they are running around naked, but this is greatly looked down upon by the West Chester Community and the law especially if the player is 18. If someone starts running around naked, you can still get them out by using a nerf sword. Once again just do not run around naked it can get you in big trouble. 

Not only is this a game of nerf wars but it is a game of convincing, if you think you shot someone with a nerf gun but that person does not think you hit them, then whoever can convince an admin their side of the story will get their side of the story told. 

The winner at the top of the bracket gets the grand prize of all the money that everyone paid to play in nerf wars.  But note:  this big payoff often doesn’t happen because the admins often take all the money and refuse to give it to the winners. We hope that does not happen this year. 

DISCLAIMER:  The West Press wishes to acknowledge that Nerf Wars is NOT a school-sponsored event.