Upcoming Performance: Newsies


Jacob Foley

After last year’s cancelation, the Lakota West theater will finally be bringing the award winning musical Newsies to stage. The performance is based on the real-life Newsies’ strike of 1899.  (A newsie is a newspaper reporter.)  Jack Kelly, the protagonist, befriends two brothers, David and Les Jacobs, who lead a band of runaway children on a two-week strike against the newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer.  He was the man who set new rules for how the children can sell papers, making it much more difficult for these children to survive on the streets of New York. 

 The process to get this performance on stage was full of trials and tribulations, starting with the cancelation last year due to COVID. Last year, the performers prepared for months beforehand for Fiddle on the Roof, just to hear that they will not be able to perform in front of Lakota West like intended. One could not help seeing the pure disappointment on the performers’ faces. Not only that, but some seniors were not able to perform like previously planned, which also made the performers distraught.

This year, the Lakota West theater still had the rights to perform. So yet again performers are back at it. Now prepared more than ever, the performers are ready to hit the stage opening night on April 9 at the Lakota West Theater. For additional information on tickets and performance dates, look on the Lakota West Theatre website: www.lakotawesttheatre.net. Go get your tickets now for the first premiere of Lakota West’s performance of Newsies !