Feature Feature: Señora Billups, Una profesora de buen corazón, dedicada


Lacey Jones


This month’s teacher spotlight is on Spanish III, AP Spanish teacher, and Spanish Club advisor, Allison Billups. Señora Billiups is in her 14th year of teaching, her 13th at West. She did not start off wanting to be a teacher, as she majored in political science and minored in Spanish. She saw herself being involved in government or being a professor after college. Yet, she wound up teaching at the same high school she attended years prior. Señora has felt that it’s been not only a fulfilling experience, but cool to be able to work with some of the same teachers who taught her. 

Mrs. Billups also discussed the impact of Spanish on students, as well as the impact her students have had on her. She thinks learning Spanish is important as we are living in a more connected world, where knowing another language opens a lot of doors for students, such as in the medical field and in business. Mrs. Billups makes it obvious to her students that she wants us to do more than just pass a test, but rather to fully understand and learn about the culture. 

She also discussed how she loves being able to teach juniors and seniors, and that is absolutely shown through her teaching and the way she builds relationships with her students. Señora truly makes class not only fun and engaging but also makes every student feel seen and cared for. She goes out of her way to talk to each student each class. Señora stated she has admired the way students have adapted through this tough time, and I think each of her students would agree she shows that to us. Señora hopes that every student knows “they are cared for and that failure is okay and a part of life, it just matters how we come back from it.” 

I also asked some more personal questions to Mrs. Billups to get insight on her life outside of Lakota West. Señora played softball throughout high school and college, and currently coaches for her daughter’s softball team. In her free time, she likes to go offroading, travel, spend time outdoors, and be with her family and dogs. She also had gotten to be involved in government, as she is the vice mayor for the town of Maineville. 

Allison Billups is a dedicated, kind hearted teacher that truly cares about the success and well being of her students. From making class fun and engaging to making her students feel known, Allison Billups is a phenomenal teacher, role model, and addition here at Lakota West.