What is Manifestation?

What is Manifestation?

Alexis Binkley

Thanks to Tik-Tok, more people are starting to learn about manifestation and are becoming interested in the topic. Manifestation is much more than a Tik-Tok trend though. It’s is the belief that you can “will what you want into existence –  a concept based on the law of attraction.” This belief all started with a spiritualist named Phineas Quimby in the 19th century. Quimby employed hypnosis as a means of healing but discovered that he could also heal by suggestion. He held that all illness is basically a matter of the mind and that illness actually result from a patient’s mistaken beliefs. In simple terms, Quimby posited that the energy we put out is what we will attract. As crazy as it seems, the human brain along with the energy humans have, can attract and do so many different things. Radiate positive energy and that’s what you will attract; radiate negative energy and that’s what you will attract. You will almost feel like you’re in control of your life because in a way you are.  

However, this isn’t as simple as it may seem. It’s not just “I really want to get this certain text from someone so I’m going to think about it and it will come.” You have to tune into your mind and really think about how would it feel getting the text, what it would feel like to be talking to that friend again, the feeling of reconnecting with them. You must visualize yourself being in that certain situation with the feelings you will get, which is rather difficult. There are some ways to help with this, for example NEVER use the phrases “I wish”, “I want”, “I need”. When manifesting you need to act like you already have what you want, talk with confidence- use phrases such as, “I have”; “I am”;  “I trust the universe”;  or “They always text me.”.\ Just act like you have what you want, and it will come to you.

 If you’re not good at visualizing, here’s an example of one of many methods you can use. It’s called the 5×55 method. Write down your manifestation 55 times a day for five days. When you write things down you’re more likely to do it, so this is a helpful way to manifest.  

I’m clearly very interested in this topic and that’s because I have experiences in my day-to-day life. My mom told me a story about how a woman came up to her and called me a “crystal child.” I have always been able to feel and predict things so this doesn’t surprise me. I really got into this around two years ago. I started to notice repeating numbers, 222, 333, 444. I brought it up to my aunt one day and she knows all about it and she has explained to me they are called angel numbers and they have a meaning behind them: it’s a way your angels communicate with you. With finding this out I was naturally more interested to learn about other things within that topic which is why I learned more about energy and manifestation. I also feel as if I didn’t know much about this topic, and it suddenly just came into my head which was weird to experience. A moment that really stuck with me was the time I wasn’t in contact with a friend and it was very upsetting, so throughout the week I thought deeply about them and what it would feel like to get a text from them. When I was thinking about them one night, I saw the number 333 which means “whatever you have requested is on its way to you,” and not even a second later my friend came out of her room and said “look who just texted me about you.” It was just an odd experience and there are many more moments that have happened like this. 

Manifestation may not be something you believe in or ever heard of but it’s something you can try for yourself. Just always keep in mind this isn’t something that will happen in a day or even a week, it takes time and positive energy. There are many more ways to do it than the two ways I talked about. It could be something that’s involved in your everyday life and could be life-changing.