Tyus Jones: Senior Spotlight


Jacob Foley

As a new feature to the West Press, I will be introducing a Senior Spotlight, but with a slight twist. I was supposed to interview a random person from our school and ask them some particularly odd questions.  But I decided to select Tyus Jones, who is a close friend of mine and a senior at Lakota West. Tyus, I felt, would be the perfect person for this month’s issue because of his explosive emotion when he’s asked a dumb question. 

What’s your most memorable experience about highschool? 

He responded by talking about the relationships he made with some of the people at the school, primarily talking about his small group of friends that he considers his brothers. He had mentioned the bond made with his buddies that will last for the rest of their lives. He explained how he enjoyed the social interaction inside and outside, whether it’s going to a basketball or football game, or just going to a buddy’s house and playing 2K or Madden. 

What do you put in the bowl first?  Milk or cereal?

 Tyus had quite the reaction when responded with, “Bro, if you put in milk first, before the cereal, you might be insane or have other mental issues.” It’s a very interesting phenomenon that many people don’t really have an answer to, same as the controversial question, “Is water wet”?

What’s one thing you think you do better than anyone else at this school?

Tyus quotes that he is the best Madden player on any platform.  He said, “I’d bust anyone on Madden; no one can see me on the sticks.” He appears to feel confident with his abilities to play the game. He on multiple occasions called out our Sports Analyst, William Akindele for a quote, “consistent selling” on 2K. “I take these games personally, all the bragging rights are on the table if you lose… and I’ve never lost. Undefeated.”