Subpar Second Semester

Subpar Second Semester

Caitlin Creach and Kaitlyn Mitchell

After a grueling four years of high school, the pinnacle of many people’s high school career is the coveted second semester of senior year. This semester is supposed to be the time for relaxation and reaping the benefits that seniors have worked for. The second semester is supposed to be filled with memorable activities to send everyone off to their next adventure with a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment. But, like everything else this year, the probability of all these events happening safely is low. However, as we wonder what this final semester will look like, it is fun to reminisce on what the second semester has been filled with in the past. 

For a majority of seniors, prom is a highly anticipated event. Many view it as an important rite of passage.  In years past, dresses were bought months in advance, dates were coordinated, and reservations were made. Going to prom was a core experience of high school, a final farewell before graduation. It is a time to dress up and behave like an adult.  With prom came to nerf wars, a game that most high school students have looked forward to since they were freshmen. Coming up with the best team name, trying not to be kidnapped, and finding out which people would rather lose their clothes than lose the game were all fundamental parts of Nerf Wars. These games and events made the traditionally slow second semester much more enjoyable. The Senior Picnic, Graduation, and other fun activities defined the second semester at Lakota West and upheld traditions that Lakota West Seniors have had for years.

In 2020, the Lakota West Seniors were given only a taste of the long-awaited second semester. They were happily enjoying the third quarter, the administrators for nerf wars were just picked and the path to graduation was growing clearer with every passing day, when, suddenly a three-week extended spring break turned into one of the most lackluster periods in many people’s lives. The promises of a vibrant semester were crushed. However many seniors looked on the last semester as a fitting end to their high school career. When they look back at their entire high school experience, while it had a unique ending, all of the seniors remember highschool as a fulfilling experience.

While the class of 2020 didn’t get to experience everything they thought they would, they had the opportunity to create new memories that they will never forget. As of right now, the administration at Lakota West is holding out for a prom. A tentative date is set, but all the details around Prom are being kept very unclear.  Although we don’t know for sure what the future holds, we can only hope that the class of 2021 has the chance to continue the Lakota West traditions, or make some new ones of their own.