Movie Review: Outside the Wire

Danyhea Brown

Outside the Wire is a new Netflix original movie that was released on January 15, 2021. The setting is 2036, during a civil war between pro-Russian insurgents and a local resistance in Ukraine which leads the U.S to deploy peacekeeping forces.  A team of U.S Marines and “Gumps” ( robotic soldiers) are ambushed.  A drone pilot named Lt. Thomas Harp ( Damson Idris)  disobeys orders and deployed a Hellfire missile, suspecting an enemy launcher. The Hellfire missile killed two soldiers but saved thirty-eight. For his punishment, he is sent to Nathaniel Camp, the U.S. base in Ukraine. Thomas is assigned to Leo ( Anthony Mackie) who is a highly advanced, android super-soldier who looks like a human. The movie takes you on a mission with Thomas and Leo to pretty much saving America and the rest of the world from being destroyed by Nuclear weapons. It brings extra doses of action, fast-paced, and suspenseful futuristic war film with solid acting. This movie was given 37% Rotten Tomatoes, given that the movie received a lot of mixed reviews. 


Watching this movie was simply just like watching another action movie, nothing too special. Yet, the two main actors are black, which is a nice change of pace,  but it did not seem to metaphorically fit in this movie specifically. Leo (Anthony Mackie) can be seen as eccentric or witty which brings a sense of comedy to the movie. What I most like about this movie is how they included real-world events and twisted them into different realities, making you question what else the “government has been lying about, ‘ helping the viewer add suspense to our reality. I recommend viewing if you are into the action of course. I personally did not think the movie was that good.