Movie Review: Zodiac

Movie Review: Zodiac

Ethan Vaught

The Zodiac Killer was an American serial killer of the late 1960s and 70s who remained completely anonymous throughout his killings while sending taunting letters to the San Francisco Bay area press during his actions. He has been confirmed to kill at least 5 and is claimed to potentially have killed up to 37. 

Producer Bradley J. Fischer undertook this story in American history and decided to produce a  motion picture in 2005; it hit theaters in 2007. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a young cartoonist for the local news press by the name of Robert Graysmith, who is completely engrossed with the Zodiac Killer investigation. 

Mark Ruffalo, who plays Dave Toschi, is the detective in the story. Toschi works relentlessly to get to the bottom of the murders but seems unable to. Robert Graysmith becomes more and more intrigued with his work as letters from the Zodiac come in, and he starts his own work on the side. As Zodiac publicity begins to die down, Toshchi sends in fraudulent letters to keep the Zodiac murders alive and gets caught. Toschi is relieved of his duties, and Graysmith’s interest in the Zodiac only increases from here. 

The thrilling aspects of the Zodiac keep any viewers intrigued at all times, and even sometimes tucking their head under the covers. The Zodiac film is a great tribute to the American murder mystery and is found on Netflix.