Peer Counseling Update

Katie Goyette

In November, many students in Peer Counseling had the amazing opportunity to be a part of making a difference in strangers’ lives by raking up their leaves. The event is called People Working Cooperatively, which is an event where a group does yard work to help out those who aren’t able to do it themselves. 

When people think about raking up leaves, they dread it and put it off for as long as they can. For members of Peer Counseling, they think a little differently. For them, it is thought of as a good act of kindness. It’s the act of kindness that matters and that’s why Peer Counseling is a part of this amazing event. You learn about the neighborhood and people, along with hearing fun stories about the person who lives there. The event started off with everyone dividing into groups and driving to two different houses. Once they got there, they started raking. Overall there were around 17-20 bags of leaves at one house and 30 bags at the other. Everyone in Peer Counseling bonded with each other while having a wonderful time. 

Mr. Emig, the head director of Peer Counseling, was in charge of the group that met a blind man that owned the house they were raking the leaves at. It turned out that the man who was blind beat Jesse Owens’s record for track and field. Jesse Owens was a man who went to the Olympics in 1936 and was a four-time gold medalist. He was recognized as one of the most famous athletes in track and field history at the time. Student’s in that group got to hear fun stories about his experiences. The event ended with everyone going up to their doors to introduce themselves after the job was finished. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed their experience. 

Another amazing event that happened in December was Serve City. Peer Counseling students got to hand out cookies, pack meals, and give out different foods to people in need at a soup kitchen that also provides a sleeping area. Some students said that it was sad to see all of the people who didn’t have spaces to sleep because they had to cut their capacity down. A lot of people that used to sleep there, can’t anymore because there were too many sleeping in that space. One of the guys sleeping there was giving out hugs and talking to all of the students. 

Everyone sleeping there was still so happy and kind, despite not having much. It was very eye-opening and inspiring to all of the members to see someone who is so grateful for the little things. When doing an act of kindness, it doesn’t only impact the person receiving the act, it also impacts the person doing the act as well. Everyone left with a feeling of accomplishment and warmth in their heart. There are many experiences that Peer Counseling participates in. You can still be a part of this year’s amazing journey.