American Sign Language Club


Martin Philip

When: Second Tuesday/Thursday of Every Month (First Meeting 12/08/2020)

Where: Cafeteria

Advisor: Felicia Waldock

In terms of class enrollment, American Sign Language is second only to Spanish at Lakota West. With the addition of ASL 1 in the Freshman Building, the next generation of students are going to be taking ASL as often as they are taking Spanish. Because ASL is the fastest growing language in the United States, it needed representation in the Club scene.

The ASL club, the hottest club on the block, has Mrs. Waldock as the advisor. In the ASL club, there is a welcoming environment for all students whether or not they are taking ASL. The club is primarily student-led. “I am excited to be the advisor of these meetings because I get to meet even more students that are not in my class,” says Waldock “I get to witness them conversing in the beautiful language.  It is an honor to be able to host the club.” The purpose of ASL club is to have more experience with signing with other people who know ASL and are not in the classroom. There are high hopes for the ASL club. 

ASL Club meets on the second Tuesday/Thursday of every month in the cafeteria, with the first meeting being on the 8th of December. Hope to see you there.