Food Review: Top Local Smoothies


Ethan Vaught and Carter Rust

With the overwhelming amount of smoothie options in the West Chester area, it can be hard to choose which one. Therefore, the West Press has decided to do the work for you. We have narrowed it down to the three best smoothie shops: Tropical Smoothie Café, Planet Smoothie, and Smoothie King. We ordered each place’s variation of the classic strawberry banana smoothie to level the review playing field..

We started off at the brand new Tropical Smoothie Café. We went through the drive-through which was very convenient because we were short on time. We both ordered a “Beach Bum” which is a strawberry banana smoothie with a choice of white or dark chocolate added. They only have one size option, which is in between a medium and a large. The smoothie was a little thinner than I would have liked, but the proportions were great. It tasted like I was drinking a chocolate-covered strawberry. It is also important to note that Tropical Smoothie is the only shop that has food on their menu. They offer a variety of healthy sandwiches and wraps.

Our next stop was Planet Smoothie. We once again chose to pick it up at the drive-through. This smoothie came out very quickly; the quickest of all the competitors. However, it came out quickly for a reason. This smoothie was so thin it was almost juice, and the flavor was almost non-existent. The banana flavor over-took the other flavors; , I could barely taste any strawberry. If you want a quick and cheap smoothie, this is the place for you. But if you want to enjoy a nice, well-made smoothie, either of the other two places would be better.

Our third and final stop was Smoothie King, the most successful smoothie place out of the three. We got two Caribbean Ways, which is a blend of strawberries, bananas, and papaya juice. The additional slight flavors that they add into the smoothies, unlike the other locations, makes all the difference. The consistency is perfect; it wasn’t too thick or too runny. The only downside to Smoothie King was the price of the smoothies, a small is just as expensive as the other two’s medium prices. Smoothie King also offers lots of lifestyle snacks, such as protein bars, dried banana chips, and energy drinks. 

Out of the three local smoothie locations, Smoothie King holds the throne, followed by Tropical Smoothie Café, and ending with Planet Smoothie. While Tropical Smoothie Café offers a variety of food on the menu, the Smoothie King environment sets it above the others. If you’re ever craving a smoothie, head over to any of the local smoothie shops in the West Chester area, but know that Smoothie King will never disappoint.