Spanish Club

Spanish Club

Alexis Binkley

There are 41 million people, 13.5% of American residents, that speak Spanish. In keeping with this fact, there are 484 students (including VLO students) who have chosen to take Spanish this year. An open mind is always needed when teaching a language that isn’t spoken in the daily life of the average student. It’s possible that students may not completely understand the background of Hispanic culture therefore it’s important to educate them. 


 In order to do so, we have a Spanish club right here at Lakota West. Run by Allison Billups, the focus of the club is to teach students about the Hispanic culture in order for students to give the proper respect that is due. There aren’t any requirements to be in the club other than having a club card. If you are interested in joining, I’d recommend going in with an open mind, be respectful, and be ready to educate yourself on a different culture that you may not be well informed on.


The club meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. A series of different activities take place during the club to make learning fun for students. Students learn through a presentation Mrs. Billups prepares each time the club meets. The presentations last about 5-15 minutes and then students begin the preplanned activities. For example, students get to hit a pinata when learning about the history of the activity.  Another popular day students celebrate is the Day Of The Dead. Students get to color and learn about famous people from the storied Holiday. 


If you’re interested in joining the Spanish club go to room 130 and get your club card. Anyone is welcome to join and the bright side is you don’t have to take a Spanish class to join this club. Be prepared to learn about the Hispanic culture, with lots of exhilarating activities. 


– Alexis Binkley