When: Wednesdays

Where: Room 285

Advisors: N. Roether and S. Duff


Throughout the US, there is a large number of high school students with plans for entering the healthcare field. It is common for these students to be inexperienced in medicine prior to college. To expose students to various aspects of the healthcare workforce, a national club, HOSA, was founded to place future healthcare professionals in an environment where they show their knowledge of healthcare in a competitive setting. HOSA Offers 60 Competitive Events that are aligned to the National Healthcare Foundation and Accountability Criteria outlined by the National Consortium for Health Science Education, which allows kids to really dive into a preview of healthcare. Schools across the nation compete in Regional events, State events, and National events to showcase their talent.

Lakota West is one of the many high schools across the country that compete in HOSA competitions. The club meets usually once a week, mainly to work on their competition and get them as prepared as possible for their events. They’re currently selecting their events that they wish to compete in, and their upcoming meetings will be focused on the beginning of their competition work. If you wish to prepare yourself for a future in the healthcare field, the HOSA club here at Lakota West could be more than beneficial for you.


-Ethan Vaught