HOSA Biomedical

HOSA Biomedical

Lacey Jones

Where:  Community Room

When:  Biweekly

Advisor: Dan Prohaska


The healthcare field is rapidly expanding and is expected to add 2 to 3 million jobs in the next ten years. Growth and innovation found within the industry draws a great number of students to pursue a career in the medical field. HOSA Biomedical is one of two HOSA clubs here at West that allows students to begin on the right path towards a successful health-related career. 

HOSA Biomedical meets biweekly in the Community Room, and members of the club come from the Biomedical Program here at West. The focus of the club is to develop future health professionals. This is accomplished through leadership, technical skills, and communication. The club allows students to participate in hands-on activities, create connections with people in the medical field, listen to guest speakers from an array of careers, and take on leadership roles.  

Each year, the club participates in competitions relating to health care fields, in an effort to make it to nationals. Due to COVID, rather than an in-person competition, students will compete virtually in late February and early March. Students choose from an array of events, such as presentations, practicals, and timed tests. High placing individuals move on to the State HOSA conference in April, in an effort to make it to the national competition. 

Through creating an environment that fosters growth and incorporates an array of real-world skills, HOSA biomedical sets students on the right track to a successful future in the healthcare field.