Senior Board


Elise Klint

Where: Mrs. Billups (Rm 130)

When: Once a Month

Advisers: Mrs. Billups and Mrs. Cumberledge


A huge difference between Senior Board and most other clubs is that its membership is exclusive. A group of seniors each year are chosen for the task of making the graduating class’s final year of high school memorable. They plan events like graduation, and they create items such as the senior t-shirt. The Senior Board meets about once a month in Mrs. Billups’ room (130); there are no specific days when meetings are held. The Board is led by Mrs. Billups and Mrs. Cumberledge, but students have most of the say when designing things like the senior shirts or hoodies. When graduation rolls around in the spring, the board will be very busy with diploma stuffing and helping set other things up for the big event. Although most of their work is done behind the scenes, Senior Board contributes a large amount to the memories that students will be able to make during their senior year.