Student Athlete Advisory Board


When:  Every other Sunday

Where:  Zoom

Advisor:  Mrs. Kornau


SAAB stands for Senior Athletic Advisory Board. This is an exclusive club open only to athletes here at Lakota West. SAAB has a unique way of getting members. You have to get nominated by a current member in the same sport as you. Once nominated, you get an interview with another current member, and, as long as the interview goes smoothly, you get accepted into the club and you start attending the meetings.

Right now SAAB meets every other Sunday night on a zoom call. Before COVID they would meet in the community room. During these zoom meetings, they go into depth on what it takes to be a leader on and off the field. This includes giving back to the community, which they usually do together (but yet again it has been ruined by COVID.) To teach the members how to be a leader on the field, they bring in guest speakers, usually Lakota West athletic alumni. Two weeks ago they welcomed former Lakota West and current NFL offensive lineman Ryan Kelly. He and his wife talked to the members about what it takes to not only play at the next level but lead a team.  

SAAB is instrumental in helping athletes lead their teams on and off the field.


-Carter Rust