Student Athlete Advisory Board

Student Athlete Advisory Board

Prem Patel

When: Every other Sunday

Where: The Community Room

Advisor: Mrs. Kornau (and others)


SAAB, or Student-Athlete Advisory Board, is a program that teaches athletes how to lead effectively in their sports, at school, and in life. In SAAB, there are two kinds of leaders – – Emerging and Veteran Leaders. Veteran leaders handpick the emerging leaders from their respective sports that they believe are leaders. The emerging leaders do bookwork out of Jeff Janssen’s Leadership Manual, and they go over the bookwork with veteran leaders who had done it the previous year during the meetings. SAAB meetings are every two weeks and have transitioned from online zooms in 2020 to current in-person meetings. The Advisors of SAAB include Mrs. Kornau, Mr. Kaufman, Mr. Drumm, and Coach Cooper.