Hope Squad


When: Wednesday’s during XH

Where:  Community Room

Advisor:  T. Becker and K. Nicol


With the stress of school, friends, athletics, and additional extracurriculars, many high school students look to their phone screens for comfort. However, due to the effects of social media and various other factors, teens may become depressed, and eventually, suicidal. Dealing with such conditions may be very hard, but the Hope Squad, led by Tricia Becker and Katie Nicol, wants you to know that you are not alone.

Hope squad, according to Mrs. Becker, is “a peer to peer suicide prevention group. The mission…is to reduce suicide, break stigmas around mental health, and change the school culture by spreading positivity and HOPE.” Through QPR training, which, Mrs. Becker says, is the “equivalent of CPR for mental health issues,” and many activities and meetings, Hope Squad is prepared to aid any student or person struggling with mental health issues.

Hope Squad has many upcoming events scheduled. According to Mrs. Becker, Hope Squad is joining forces with SGA, IDEA, and GSTA to “bring West a month-long Kindness and Anti-bullying initiative in the month of November.” The four groups will each take one week out of the month to promote the cause in their own unique way. Hope Squad individually will also be having a huge rubber duck giveaway before Thanksgiving.



– Lucy Schaefer