Women in Engineering Club


Maddie Arno

When: every other Wednesday, 3-4

Where: 284

Advisor:  A. Markovich

There is a large difference in numbers between boys and girls that take engineering classes. On the college level, only 20% of engineering students are women, which is higher than the 13% in the actual field.   Because of this and the overall lack of respect for women in the engineering field, Lakota West has created a club for women who are interested in being an engineer. 

The focus of the Women in Engineering Club is to provide education, support, and experience opportunities for club members in all areas of engineering. They also find it important to encourage young women to continue to pursue engineering so they can break through the male dominated field. 

The club is run by three seniors: Jasmine Walker, Dana Shi, and Madison Arno. During these meetings, they do some type of engineering activity or “instant challenge” as a fun way to explore engineering principles and encourage creativity.  They are currently in the process of planning field trips to different places and to meet empowering women in the engineering field. If you are interested in going into any field of engineering in your future, you should check out the Women in Engineering Club. Meetings every other Wednesday.