Card’s Character


Kaitlyn Mitchell

After 9 years of working as the principal of Lakota West, Elgin Card has left his position at the school for a new opportunity. As of August 1st, Card was named to the Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion. This news came as a shock to many students who looked forward to seeing Card at school. Card is known for using his platform as principal to create an environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves. He often walked through the halls giving out high fives, fist bumps, and a “how are you”, and made an effort to get to know the kids at West. For some students, Card was a prominent figure in their lives that they could trust and talk to, and he will certainly be missed at Lakota West.

A West senior recalls a time where Card went above and beyond for her, saying “I was going through a tough time and he made an effort to talk to me and ask me how I was doing. It really meant a lot to me that he tried to get to know me.” Teachers remember how Card would use his own money to help kids at Lakota that were struggling, and he would take time to make sure students had somebody who supported and encouraged them. While Card took his position as principal very seriously, he understood that students had more going on in their lives than just school. He had an understanding and empathetic attitude that allowed students to trust him, while also managing a school environment focused on learning and striving towards the future.

Card not only helped students in the building but also outside of school. Mr. Card is known to be a lover of sports and made sure to congratulate athletes on their accomplishments after every game. Senior Abby Satterfield remembered how “He would show up to every single sports event and show his support for the athletes. He would try and make every sport feel included, and I remember how every game I went to I would see him in the stands”. Card made sure his love for sports reached his students as well, which Lakota West Junior Lucy Schaefer experienced last year. While sitting in the Innovation Hub, decked out in Buckeye gear for the upcoming game, Card walked up to her and surprised her in a very special way. “He called Jim Tressler, the former Ohio State Buckeyes coach, and I got to talk to him. It was so exciting and very special.” Card will remain a legacy at West, as students remember how he showed his support at every sporting event, made every pep rally exciting and fun, and ended each announcement with his iconic “And as always…go firebirds”.