Rebirth of the Movies


Hannah Gerbert

Entertainment marks the decade and the roaring 2020s will be no exception, but will we see from the entertainment industry? Well, you can bet your sweet blu-rays that the movies will see a change. With this year’s new stream releases and the steady decline of movie attendance some question if movie traditional movie theaters will survive. The appeal of conventional movie theaters hasn’t been lost purely because of COVID-19 but what will we see. To come up with what might happen this decade it’s important to realize the changes that have happened in the past few years.  


Movie theaters have seen many ups and downs. Even with three monumental superhero cinematic releases, 2018 saw less revenue for theatres than hoped. 2019 fell behind and soon came ‘the pandemic’ which gave streaming services the spotlight. This year due to COVID-19, movies like ‘Mulan’, ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’, and ‘Artemis Fowl’ have skipped theater releases, the companies opting to release them on streaming services due to the lack of customary theater availability. Streaming makes finding movies more accessible and gives more options for a lower price. People who didn’t want to reserve time and money just to see one decent film disappeared from theaters prior to the start of 2017 and we can expect them not to return. These are the core reasons why some are afraid the orthodox movie theaters might die out.


Although, theatres have one major advantage. The core attraction of cinemas was viewing new movies with a high-quality screen and audio. Losing the edge of carrying a monopoly on first releases could certainly cost theaters their fortune but it seems some people would rather have movies released on streaming services. One person who replied to the survey for this article said that going out to the movies was difficult due to his or her family situation. Many others who participated in the survey said that they watched new movies on streaming services. The shift in movie watching habits is already there.


Even if going out to traditional theaters isn’t enough of an experience for people, drive-ins might be. For those who want to see movies without the hassle of COVID-19 worries, drive-ins offer an alternative. Drive-in movies offer a lot more privacy and get rid of the needless ban on food from out of location. Although many drive-ins still offer food such as Starlite Drive-In Theater which offers a snack bar and Dixie Twin Drive-In that sells concessions such as burgers, pizza, and wings. Normal movie theater ticket prices have increased and are expected to continue on that path but drive-in theater tickets might not be any better depending on if a theater charges one price for the whole car or per person. Whether you still would like to visit your local theater or try a drive-in, movies will always be made extravagant.