Yearbook Club

Jenna Shultz

Yearbook Club is a hardworking club that produces Lakota West’s yearbook for the school year. Yearbook Club member Ranien Alchalhal says that making the yearbook is “a lot of work but is rewarding to see the final product.” The club and supervisor, Ms. Hamilton spends a significant amount of time every week working for the club, uploading pictures and formatting the year’s yearbook. 

The club meets every Thursday for about an hour afterschool to specifically work with each other and devote time to the club and the yearbook itself. When summer hits and the yearbook needs final touches, Ms. Hamilton takes on the task and spends hours of time making sure it is perfect and how they imagined that the year book would look. 

The yearbook includes a variety of pictures throughout the year, along with a picture of every student in attendance at Lakota West. Pictures are chosen if they’re school-appropriate and offer variety–not showing certain students more than the others.

 This year, the club is working hard to put together the 2019-2020 yearbook with a “20s” idea.  It will have 1920s art-style and theme, similar to a “Great Gatsby-esque” background and font. Yearbook club works very hard and very long to make a great output of memories for all of the students and staff at Lakota West.