Where Seniors are Going to College


Sophie Diouf

After surviving four years of high school, the seniors are finally graduating. Many students are committed to a university,  while some go right into work or serve in the military. Seniors are traveling far and wide to become what they have been dreaming of. 

Based on the senior survey that was completed by 622 students graduating this year, 72.5% of students are attending a four-year university while 25.5% are attending for two years in the upcoming fall. Ohio State is a popular destination for seniors since it’s close and has a sense of comfort in Ohio. However, some are leaving.  Sierra Buford is going out of state for school at the University of Michigan. She chose to go to school there since she’s interested in the programs that they provide. Additionally, I noted that they “have good athletics; I’m really into sports and they have good research programs.” She is currently deciding whether to major in biochemistry or neuroscience.  Another student traveling far from home is Jaclyn Mauro: she’s going across the country to attend California Polytechnic State University. Michell Wekman and Adam Szolwinskui are just two of our several students going to attend Purdue in Indiana. 

The typical four-year college, we know,  isn’t always the answer for everyone though>  5.1% of students are going to trade school to learn the skills needed for certain jobs. .5% are doing an Apprenticeship program allowing them to get experience and go right into work once they finish their program. 

As seniors look back on their last few days as high school students, many are left with bittersweet feelings. The place they came to every day for the past four years will now become a memory from the past.  However, they all look forward to their new lives.