Cost of Prom? Too Much?


Jade Rivera

Do you believe our prom tickets are expensive? According to my information, you are probably wrong.


Our pro tickets are $40 a person, and many students are complaining that this is just too much.


However, our prom tickets aren’t as expensive when compared to other schools. Mason charges $65, (but their prom includes dinner.) Who’d want dinner at school anyway? East charges $45, but they’re currently discussing a price change, and Fairfield charges $50. 


Remember, this $40 goes to renting the Savannah Center (a huge expense) and the decorations that make the space beautiful.  The Junior Board does a nice job of recycling items that we currently own to keep this second cost down.  There are also small snacks served, which need to be purchased.


For some, prom may not be an affordable event, but there are many solutions to the problem.  One such is Cinderella’s Closet. This is a good way to get a prom dress for free. You’re even allowed to keep it. Just speak to your counselor if this were to be something you’d be interested in.  Additionally, another good solution is to rent a prom dress or even borrow one from a friend. You can also have a fancy dinner at a friend’s house instead of paying a lot of money to go out and eat.


If you’re still worried about the prom tickets, perhaps this is the solution for you: You’re allowed to pay off the tickets over the course of a few weeks, if you notify the people in charge of the event in time. 


Prom tickets may actually be at a reasonable price. After all, you have to consider all the things that are going into this event. For a great prom comes a great price.