Nerf Wars News

Nerf Wars News

JT Washing

Nerf Wars. It’s all anyone can talk about nowadays. From the risks to the inconsistent admins, it’s taking the Lakota West hallways by storm. I was recently part of an incident in the parking lot, and my purpose for writing this article is to shed light on the events and squash any outlandish rumors anyone may have.

It all started Thursday morning when two of my teammates got eliminated in close-quarters combat. Down 2-4, we were in need of some action. We decided the best bet was to nab one of our opponents after school in the parking lot. (You’d think five collective students would come up with a better plan.) The plan was to just pull up next to one of them, grab them, and go off school grounds to shoot them, with no one getting hurt.

It ended up being a disaster. Luckily, no one was hurt, but it could very easily have been a lot worse. All that was going through my mind was how things were unfolding completely opposite of what we planned. What was initially a simple stop-and-go operation turned into a dangerous situation involving the entire other team. We chased our target throughout the parking lot, attracting the attention of Mr. Jackson and Coach Bolden. 

The situation got out of hand and Mr. Jackson took us inside. It ended up being me, two of my teammates, and one member of the other team that were taken inside. The whole time I was just trying to stay calm and keep my composure. My teammates wanted to make the argument that we were actually outnumbered in the fight, but I decided it was best to keep quiet. In the end, their entire team got off scot-free, and we three got one day of after-school detention for two hours. 

All in all, I am very lucky I did not get suspended. Students participating in Nerf War activities in the past have been suspended, and I’m very glad that did not happen to me. I think the difference was that no one was seriously injured thankfully. It could have ended up a lot worse than it did. Please learn from my mistake and do not kidnap people on school grounds because it isn’t worth the potential legal consequences or the time you have to spend in detention or suspension.

DISCLAIMER: Nerf Wars is in no way associated with Lakota West High School and any Nerf Wars activities on school grounds are strictly prohibited.