Latin Club


When:  1st Monday and 4th Thursday

Where:  Room 115

Advisor:  Burns

Latin is one of the oldest languages taught in school in the United States.  Only 3.7% of Americans can speak Latin. It’s one of the most difficult languages to learn, but students take it to help with their academic vocabulary.

Have you ever wanted to learn the beautiful language of Latin? You’re in luck. The Latin club hosts meetings in hopes to help people understand. To join the club, all you need is a Clubcard and to show up to room 115 every 1st Monday and fourth Thursday of the month. The purpose of the club is to teach students about Latin culture and the language.

If you’re interested about the Latin club, see Mr. Burns in room 113 and get a club card. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Get ready to learn about Latin culture and the Latin language.

– William Akindele